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WordPress on DietPi

Recently I decided to make use of an old RaspberryPi 3 as my blog server that way it can stand on it’s own outside of a VirtualBox image where it was currently residing. This exercise also helps me confirm that the restore process for my WordPress backup works well.  Installing WordPress itself is not in the scope of this post.

After looking through the distributions, I decided to use DietPi.
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State of the blog

Recently I had made a few infrastructure changes on my personal blog server which is running inside a VirtualBox right now. The big changes were switching to use WP Super Cache, require SSL and the use of HTTP/2. Some minor ones I have done include support for AMP pages and started the use of a child theme for my styles. In addition, I had recently decided to cross post my Yelp reviews to my blog.
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Removing Asides from the WordPress home page and feed

I recently made boo-boo causing an infinite loop with my WordPress and Twitter IFTTT recipe as such I had to delete a few items off my blog and feeds. The main reason was the addition of a the Ephemeral widget to track asides that you see on the right side of my blog posts.

I set up IFTTT to create an “aside” post on my blog whenever I tweet. I also set up my blog to post a twitter message whenever I make a new post. If you follow through the logic you can tell easily how that would turn into an infinite loop. To fix this I just need to make sure that aside post type gets excluded from my feed and I also want it off my home page.
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