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Java EE Standards my foot

One of the major advantages of Java EE is standards support, Unfortunately, let’s face it, the reality of implementations out there especially the ones that are in the “free for casual development” zone are piss poor.

I wrote up a Java EE application that tries to test as many standards as possible to see how well the following servers will fare:

  • Glassfish
  • Payara
  • WebSphere Classic
  • WebSphere Liberty Profile
  • WildFly

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Setting the endpoint for web services

When developing using web services, we tend have different endpoint URLs for development, test and production. When developing Java EE apps, the best practice is to separate environment configuration from the application to the deployment process (a pattern I rarely see in practice unless already architected in like Curam).

In terms of facepalm moments is when I see an application try to manage the connections to the web services rather than letting the container do it.
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