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The TL;DR version: JAX-WS is meant for XML based web services such as SOAP. JAX-RS does not have the same restriction.

JAX-WS is generally geared towards server to server interactions with well defined contracts (WSDLs) and usually when the service and client side are from separate groups. It is very resource intensive so it isn’t feasible for client-to-server interactions where the network or client device capability is less than optimal.

JAX-RS is geared towards client to server interactions, although server-to-server is okay. As it has little service obligations, it can be tuned to whatever the client needs are.
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Setting the endpoint for web services

When developing using web services, we tend have different endpoint URLs for development, test and production. When developing Java EE apps, the best practice is to separate environment configuration from the application to the deployment process (a pattern I rarely see in practice unless already architected in like Curam).

In terms of facepalm moments is when I see an application try to manage the connections to the web services rather than letting the container do it.
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Getting webservices working in Curam development

Doing webservices in Curam is quite easy now that they are using Axis 1.2 which can parse more WSDL files. It is not the latest yet, but so far the WSDLs that are generated for a .Net environment do work in Java. I never bothered with the .cat file generation, I don’t think it works too well especially with complex WSDLs. Fortunately, we do not need them.
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