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SSL Certificate bypass for JAX-RS

In an earlier post, I had described how to disable SSL certificate checks for connecting to servers that may not have a properly signed certificate. This normally happens when you are connecting to enterprise development/test systems where they never bothered keeping the certificates in order or didn’t purchase from a well-known certificate authority. However, the process I had described will not work with JAX-RS Client API because JAX-RS (unlike JAX-WS) does not make use of the default connectors which is a good thing.
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SSL bypass with HttpUnit

I thought I would revisit my old application which did an SSL bypass discussed in The Java Developers Almanac 1.4, Volume 1: Examples and Quick Reference (4th Edition) because I wanted to do another small app that would require an SSL bypass. Along with that idea, I thought of using HttpUnit so I don’t have to write my own parsing routines. Unfortunately, there was a problem. Namely, the bypass didn’t work and it was requesting the certificate.
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