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WebSphere Liberty NoopUserRegistry Add-On

WebSphere Liberty has a bug in the implementation of JASPIC that prevents developers from making their own modules that do not have a user realm that is managed by WebSphere’s UserRegistry.  To work around it I took some hints on Arjan Tijms’ work testing with JASPIC on WebSphere Liberty and combined it with my knowledge of Maven and OSGi.
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Developing add-on for WebSphere Liberty using Maven

Recently I had to tackle on yet another Java EE server to see how it fares against my OpenID Connect JASPIC module as WildFly had a critical flaw preventing my JASPIC module from working among other issues.

Where WildFly and Glassfish vendors do not make any specific mention that they are production ready, the IBM team had made a claim that WebSphere Liberty is a production-ready Java EE 7 environment. So I decided to give it a go with my module and unfortunately it didn’t work right away. It turned out I needed to create a NoopUserRegistry and deploy it as a feature. The instructions are pretty much too convoluted and tool centric for my tastes so I decided to tackle it my way.
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Migrated from Eclipse to Android Studio

So I finally took the time (actually it was probably my third time attempting to do this) to migrate my smallish Android app from Eclipse ADT and Maven to Android Studio and Gradle as a weekend project. The migration finally went successfully this long weekend and I have merged my fork into the main line so I am going to stop using Eclipse/Maven for my Android projects from now on as Android Studio being the official IDE now will likely get the most current updates for a while (at least that is what I am betting on).

However, if asked for my advice, I would definitely not recommend moving over to the new tooling as of yet. The new tooling just stands alone and does not play well with other tools that may have already been established on the enterprise.
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