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Reference implementation of Java EE

Creating a simple JASPIC auth module

One of the problems I have with several web frameworks or even tools that I have used such as Sonar and Jenkins is that they deemed it necessary to develop their own authentication system or use frameworks such as Apache Shiro, Acegi/Spring Security and the ilk as they put authentication responsibility in the hands of the application rather than the container.

Granted the typical container managed authentication is very limited to whatever the container vendor provided or having proprietary extensions such as WebSphere’s Trust Association Interceptors (TAI). Since Java EE 6, a standard way of building this has been created called Java Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers (JASPIC). This blog post talks about creating a simple JASPIC ServerAuthModule that will use HTTP Headers to contain the authentication data much like SiteMinder does.
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Using MySQL as a Glassfish data source

Though I don’t really recommend people to use a “shared” database, I do prefer running on a real database once in a while rather than relying on the embedded Derby that comes with Glassfish. The main reason is I just want one database application running for whatever tooling I need to use and have it run as a service even though I am the only one using it. That being said, I chose MySQL primarily because it is readily installable on my devops server running Ubuntu.
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