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Mini-style guide for AngularJS and Meteor

Since I started working on Meteor back just shortly before 1.3 was released, I have been playing around with ES6 modules and imports along with the ng-annotate capability. This is a brief style guide I have for AngularJS and Meteor based on my findings. I may change this over the course of time as I learn more but this is what I have come up with so far.
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Minor performance boost for AngularJS and Meteor

One of my habits when I do JEE development is to always try to run it as close to production state as possible. This may mean a longer time for me to do testing because the build and deployment cycles are longer, but at least I am more confident in what I build as a large subset of integration issues would come up by this habit. Switching context to AngularJS, they provide a guide on how to improve performance in production . This is a short post on how to take advantage of it in Meteor.
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AngularJS Template Servlet

When working with AngularJS, templates allow developers to separate their HTML from the JavaScript code.  Though this is preferable for development, this can be an issue at runtime as each template will incur a network cost.  To alleviate this issue AngularJS provides a $templateCache that reduces the cost of doing network handshakes by combining multiple template files into a single JavaScript file that populates a cache.

That’s all well and good, but building the file can get cumbersome and having it as part of the build process would slow developers down.  It would be nice if it can be done at runtime like WRO4J does for CSS and JavaScript; so I create a servlet that does it for me.

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