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Grand Noodle


Ice-less HK Milk Tea. A picture of it piqued my curiosity for this place that I decided I wanted to come try this place the next time I had a free dinner slot.

Located in the west side of Commerce Gate you actually have more parking than you realize because it’s the furthest from the main entrance. So location in the plaza is good.

Since the Ice-less HK Tea is the only thing I knew about this restaurant aside from being a noodle house from the name, I didn’t know what else to expect.
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Markham Food Fest


This event is smaller than Night it Up which has one fringe benefit… it was less crowded. This venue provides no seating, so people come and go more readily. After the initial influx in the mornings and lunch hours the crowds quickly dissipate. I could tell since I can see the venue from my condo so I can choose an appropriate time to go.

One thing about the venue this time compared to some other time I *approached* it was the stinky tofu smell wasn’t too strong. I recall one time they had the smell so strong I just turned around once I reached the corner.

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Dak Lak Vietnamese Coffee (5/5) on Yelp


The main reason I went to this normally chaotic plaza full of crazy drivers. Jennifer K posted a photo of their coffee with the words “SUPER STRONG” and I told myself I gotta try this place out. The hours of operation are pretty limited closing at 5:30pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends, the only time I can come here would be a weekend trudging through the crazy drivers in the plaza.

Was it worth it? HELL YAH.
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