Unity and Unreal Engine from Zero to Tutorials

This last two weekends I decided to play around with two popular 3D gaming engines: Unity 5.6 and Unreal Engine 4. My general background with such tools is zero when I started and these are my findings.

I actually went through the first two Unity tutorials:

And the first Unreal Engine tutorial:

Docker 32-bit JRE with WebSphere Liberty

Why bother with 32-bit? Well if you are a small business trying to save cost, WebSphere Liberty Profile allows you to use it within your organization so long as you do not exceed 2GB organization wide. Using an embedded developer’s mentality of being frugal with memory one of the techniques they have is to stick with 32-bit when possible.
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Java EE Standards my foot

One of the major advantages of Java EE is standards support, Unfortunately, let’s face it, the reality of implementations out there especially the ones that are in the “free for casual development” zone are piss poor.

I wrote up a Java EE application that tries to test as many standards as possible to see how well the following servers will fare:

  • Glassfish
  • Payara
  • WebSphere Classic
  • WebSphere Liberty Profile
  • WildFly

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