Unity and Unreal Engine from Zero to Tutorials

Final result

If you follow through both, the final result of Unity may be more polished, but they are simpler and I was able to tweak them slightly to have a picture of my son and spell his name with the pickup items and have a slightly different twists with my shooter.

With Unreal Engine, I found that there isn’t much I can deviate from short of adding more objects to the scene. Primarily because I don’t know the APIs and I don’t think in Blueprint as of yet. However, I really like the quality of the sample tutorial I had gone through more than Unity.

So they both have their merits as such…

Both win

I think it’s good to go through the tutorials for both. As a programmer and dad I can try to use my imagination to add a few twists to make games specific for my boy and maybe when he learns to start coding I can show him how to use these tools so he has another way of expressing himself.