Unity and Unreal Engine from Zero to Tutorials


Since I went through with the tutorial orders, I found that the game quality of Unity is a bit lacking compared to Unreal Engine 4. However, the skills and time needed used is a significantly higher on the Unreal Engine tutorial. I still think the quality of Unreal is much better than Unity. Generally I find that Unity results in a slightly more cartoonish result, but the Unreal Engine version seems more detailed.

Winner: Unreal Engine

Tooling experience

Both Unity and Unreal engine’s camera positioning controls are not intuitive for me, but I got the gist of most of it so I can navigate a little around the views. In general I have no experience with such tools (I am more of a coding guy) so they are both equally difficult.

Since I used Blueprint on Unreal Engine the variables are modified within the editor. The Unity Engine does something really funky in that `public` members are exposed to the Editor UI and I can do fine tuning on the editor rather than C#, which I actually like more because it separates logic from configuration.

No winner