Unity and Unreal Engine from Zero to Tutorials

Learning Curve

Given that the first two tutorials for Unity are simplistic games I found it quite easy to follow for the most part (even with the fact that the second tutorial needs a bit of work as it wasn’t designed for the current version of Unity.

Winner: Unity

Programming and Version Control

Since I am a programmer, I found Unity tutorials with their C# integration a little bit better than Blueprint. Though Blueprint is good visually, I can’t imagine using it for a large team for a long term project especially since you can’t do diffs as they are all visual assets.

Mind you the assets in Unity aren’t that much better either, but a large portion of Unity programming is done through its C# scripting support from the tutorials. Though I think when I go to C++ mode in Unreal Engine I would feel a bit more at home.

That being said, I find Blueprint is quite amazing how things hook up gives me a visual idea on how things work without too much programming hassles. So I can see it used a lot more developing quick prototypes.

Winner: Unity