Java EE 7 technologies

Java EE Standards my foot

WebSphere Quirks

For WebSphere either Classic or Liberty Profile, `@Converters` do not work (though they promised a fix in the next minor update). 

WebSphere Classic requires a workaround to get JASPIC support working.

Aside from those two, there isn’t much to talk about except for the extortionist pricing they have for their product, but honestly if you have a complex setup I think it’s worth it.

The rest…

The other application servers I have tried and failed to get the application working (though some of them worked at one point in time, as I added more standard functionality (namely CDI) things start to break apart.

JBoss/WildFly can’t even do CDI right with the rest of the ecosystem and they were the ones that did Weld which is the reference implementation and is actually used in WebSphere which works quite well.

  • WFLY-2450
  • WFLY-8731
  • JBAS-8818
  • And they had the nerve to mark WFLY-2362 as resolved when it clearly isn’t if the missing bits are missing then the parent task shouldn’t be closed. Kind of like some big company laying off a bunch employees to increase their profit margin thus increasing their shareholder value.

Glassfish even if it is the reference implementation can’t even deploy my app and its documentation is lousy in comparison to others.  Support for their product is piss poor as well. Payara may help, but then again it’s core is Glassfish and that product is fundamentally flawed. God knows what their WebLogic counterpart is like.

TomEE though great in its simplicity, does not integrate with Eclipse WTP for an EAR deployment.