Maven Deploy Using Travis

I have recently updated my Organizational Super POM to start doing SNAPSHOT deployments on my master branch and release builds on tags using Travis for my open source projects. This is based off the work on Automatically publishing to GitHub Pages where I just have something more complicated than a simple token.


  1. Create the GnuPG, SSH keys and settings.xml configuration you need to deploy.
  2. tar them up to deploy-keys.tar ensuring that the directory structure is intact.
  3. travis encrypt-file deploy-keys.tar --add
  4. In travis.xml, after the - openssl ... in before_install: add
    tar xf deploy-keys.tar -C $HOME
  5. Create a deploy section
  6. Check in and commit deploy-keys.tar.enc and .travis.yml
  7. DO NOT check-in nor commit deploy-leys.enc, best you add it to .gitignore

Creating a release

To create a release, run mvn release:perform which will create a new commit with for the release versions and a tag that will trigger the Travis build.

An example of this is in