Developing my one-page resume

Recently I was applying for some new possible gigs and the more I looked at my resume the more I felt dated. Being in the industry for so long and worked on many different projects, technologies, roles, methodologies putting it all in a traditional resume style would yield into a novella. I decided to challenge myself and think of how I would help the potential decision maker (rather than a recruiter/bot) decide what I can do.

TraditionalNew One-page Design



  1. The name I go by.  Typical heading letter, but don’t over emphasize it much so I used a thin font.
  2. My non-physical contact info.  Where I am doesn’t really matter does it so drop the actual address.
  3. Branding.  A short one line blurb that says who you are… this is optional if you can’t think of any skip it.
  4. Experience column.
    • Only list what is relevant for your job, no one cares that you worked at McCafe for a few months while you’re 14 when you’re over 21.
    • Drop the dates.
    • Point out the highlights, don’t put a job description.
  5. Skills and other lists column.
    • Slightly narrower than experience column.
    • Keyword stuff here but group them in some fashion. Do not do graphs
    • Add references here.