Managed Inbox

An inbox that is managed by a spreadsheet.  I came up with this idea when I was e-mailing my condo property manager and I was thinking: how do you ensure you take input from those only in the building?

So I had an idea, why not not have a whitelist of e-mail address and have that whitelist be a spreadsheet.  So I thought to combine two technologies… GMail and Google Sheets

The overall solution takes advantage of Google Scripts to do the scripting, Google Sheets to store the data and Google Docs for a response text.

The solution is simplistic enough, basically every 5 minutes:

  1. Read the sheet and collect all the e-mail addresses that are valid.
  2. For each inbox thread
    1. Skip those that have labels already
    2. Check if the e-mail address is in the white list
    3. If it is in the white list, then
      1. add an appropriate label to the thread (suite number in my case)
    4. Else
      1. Send “go away” message
      2. Delete the message