Integrating Travis, SonarQube and GitHub

Organization Key

There was a recent addition to which is the use of Organization Keys. To get the one associated with your account or to create a new one go to and navigating to My Account and going to Organizations after you logged in.  If you’re an existing user it would be your githubname-github.

Organization in pom.xml

If you have an organizational POM then you can add the property in there as `sonar.organization` so it is part of your Maven builds rather than Travis.

The choice depends on whether your organization or project wants SonarQube analysis as part of their process or just an add on specific for Travis.

Existing projects

Existing projects in will have a `default` organization key so you should not set the `organization` data for your existing projects. If you really want to though, and willing to lose the history, you can delete the project then rerun the build with the organization key.