Integrating Travis, SonarQube and GitHub


This setup is not documented yet, so these services may change it at anytime

The main trick here is to use the sonarqube Travis add-on that will set up the proper environment variables the key one being SONARQUBE_SCANNER_PARAMS that will contain the token and the host URL so you do not have to explicitly put in $SONAR_TOKEN in the `script` section. In addition, if the add-on detects that it is a pull request it will set the parameters used for SonarQube GitHub Plugin.

This is triggered by having two secure environment variables defined in your build containing your tokens:  SONAR_GITHUB_TOKEN and the token put directly into the `addon: sonarqube: token:`.

Then all you would need is to execute mvn sonar:sonar in your script to get everything working.